Welcome to a quick tour of the animals currently inhabiting The Casa

As I have time, I'm going to add quick "Keeper's Notes" to each of these animals.  When the caption turns to a link, feel free to click.
Red Eared Slider out from the pond Baby slider from 2006 hatch Florida Cooter wondering what's up?
Pseudemys scripta elegans Pseudemys scripta elegans Pseudemys floridana
Help! I suddenly and accidentally aquired a turtle!

Clem - captive bred Box Turtle Mel - Florida Soft Shelled Turtle Map Turtle
Terapene Tironyx ferox Graptemys
The Captive Keeping and Care of Red Eared Sliders

Skippy -- He's been sick Part of the herd of adults
so he spent the winter indoors G. sulcata

Chuck {Passed of old age 9/10/14} Gary looking out the livingroom window
Iguana iguana (Green Iguana) Cyclura cornuta (Rhinoceros Iguana)

Herb & Doris Humphrey
Geochelone sulcata (African Spur Thigh Tortoise) Geochelone elephantopus (Galapagos Tortoise)

Three females - Mrs, Misnomer and Bug
Iguana iguana (Green Iguana)

Rover Sulcata hatchlings & eggs
Caiman crocodilus yacare
No longer in collection - retired to Florida
Geochelone sulcata
Marine Aquarium Md turtle (2 yrs)
G. sulcata 4 hours old Map turtle